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Remortgage – KBC and Ulster Bank

by admin

Do I Need to Remortgage? So KBC and Ulster Bank are leaving the Irish market and you aren’t really sure whether you need to remortgage. Well you don’t have to do anything yet but if you can get a new mortgage with a different lender like Finance Ireland or AIB or Bank of Ireland then […]

How Much Compensation for a Knee Injury at Work?

by perpetualadm

knee injury at work

Whether you are working physically or not, accidents can happen at any place of work and result in serious damages to your health. One of the most common ones involves knee injuries at work, which can occur in cases such as falls, trips, or collisions. When can you make a claim for compensation for such […]

SME Business Supports Impacted by COVID-19

by perpetualadm

sme business supports covid-19

COVID-19 impacted our lives in many ways. One of the groups that were hit the hardest by the worldwide epidemic consists of small and mid-size enterprises, which often struggled because of lockdown and imposed restrictions. However, there are some SME Business Supports for COVID-19 related issues that can help financially. Let’s learn more about some […]

Constructive Dismissal in Ireland – A Quick Guide for Employees

by perpetualadm

There are many reasons for employees and employers to part their ways. Some causes can be related to finding a new job, or changes in the company. However, there are also instances when termination of a contract happens in less pleasant circumstances, and the employee chooses to file for constructive dismissal in Ireland.  What is […]

Bicycle Accident Claims

by perpetualadm

Bicycle injury claim

Bicycle Injury Claim If you have been injured in a bicycle accident which was not your fault you may be able to make a claim for compensation. You may have been hit by or knocked off your bike by a vehicle while riding on the road or a designated cycle lane, or as a result […]

How Matrimonial Assets Are Divided In Divorce

by perpetualadm

Splitting assets on divorce

Splitting Assets in a Divorce Divorce in most cases is never a happy process and can be a frustrating and challenging journey. Arriving at this life altering decision is never an easy choice but there are steps that can be taken to ease the pressure, especially when it comes to assets and property. Even if […]

Back Injury At Work Compensation Claims

by perpetualadm

Back injury at work

Back Injury at Work Compensation Although back pain caused by an injury at work is one of the most common causes of sickness absence and lost work performance and a major factor in injury compensation claims, it is believed that many workers are reluctant to seek redress for their suffering even though it was not […]

Motorcycle Accident Claims

by perpetualadm

Motorcycle accident claims

Motor cycling is fun, it’s challenging and for those who enjoy the thrill of the open road and the sound of rasping exhausts there is nothing else that comes close. Unfortunately like many things in life this freedom and enjoyment comes at a price, sometimes a very costly one. Motorcycles are a Vulnerable Mode of […]

Indirect Discrimination at Work – How to Deal with it?

by perpetualadm

what is discrimination at work

Each work environment has its own challenges such as impending deadlines, difficult clients, taking responsibility for our mistakes and many more. However, we can also be met with difficulties coming from a quite unexpected source – our colleagues or bosses. What is indiscrimination at work, and how can we deal with it? Let’s find out! […]

How to Get a Legal Separation in Ireland?

by perpetualadm

how to get legal separation in ireland

One of the routes a couple can take, after the breakdown of their marriage, is a legal separation. What does it mean and how to get a legal separation in Ireland? Let’s find out. Differences between types of Legal Separation in Ireland First, we need to learn what marital separation really means. Usually, it is […]

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