Boy Burnt on Aer Lingus Flight Receives €66,000 Settlement

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9-year-old boy that was burnt on an Aer Lingus Flight receives €66,000 settlement

11-year-old boy that was burnt on an Aer Lingus Flight receives €66,000 settlement.


A boy who was burnt by hot chocolate on an Aer Lingus flight has received a €66,000 Settlement.

He suffered second degree burns when travelling to a family wedding in Spain in 2018.

Allegedly the boy was instructed to remove the lid from the cup to add milk to the drink and the liquid spilled on his thigh area, causing the burns.

He was taken to hospital and was kept in overnight while receiving pain relief and anti-inflammatories.

A nurse had been on board the flight and assisted him by applying gel to the area.

His wounds had to be dressed for a number of weeks.

The now 15-year-old was left with a pale scar on his thigh, the court was told.

He sued Aer Lingus alleging a failure to provide a safe method of service of hot drinks, in particular hot chocolate and a failure to warn the boy of the danger posed by the temperature of the drink.

Mr Justice Paul Coffey approved the settlement and said it was a fair and reasonable one. He wished the boy well for the future.

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