Ryanair Employee Awarded €84,790 Personal Injury Settlement

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A Ryanair employee has been awarded €84,790 by the High Court. She was injured when she slipped on greasy de-icing fluid in the plane.

Ms. Nangle sued the airline over the accident. She suffered a spiral fracture which required surgery. She was incapacitated for numerous months and needed assistance in daily tasks due to the incident that took place.

Ryanair denied her claims and argued she did not slip on de-icing fluid but tripped. Mr Justice Alexander Owens rejected Ryanair’s arguments.

Ms Nangle told the court there was a mat which passengers had walked over and as she stepped off the mat she slipped. She said she tried to grab the wall, but she fell in a heap on the floor and was in a lot of pain.

Ryanair had documented 3 reported slips leading to injury of cabin crew in the 2 months before this accident.

The day after Ms Nangle’s accident, Ryanair issued an advisory email at the start of each shift that staff should remain vigilant at all times during times when de-icing occurs.

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Evidence was given that de-icing fluid was trekked into the Ryanair aircraft prior to the first flight and again before the Warsaw trip

Evidence was given that de-icing fluid was trekked into the Ryanair aircraft.



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