Undue Influence and the Misselling of Payment Protection Insurance by Irish Banks

by admin

I have been involved in Law for nearly 20 years. When advising clients regarding their mortgages I always advised them to fully consider what they were signing up for when getting a mortgage.

A lot of First Time Buyers and even young Investors that I came into contact with had formed the view that it would be good for them and their relationship with the bank if they signed up for these costly and ultimately worthless policies. It seemed to me that there was pressure from the banks for the young purchasers to sign up.

If you feel that you may have been miss-sold such a policy and are even paying for it today whether it be for a Mortgage or a Credit Card then the first thing you should do is pull out the original paperwork and take a look. We can process a claim on your behalf if it warrants such action.

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