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Credit Unions – Transfer of Engagements- Getting your House in Order

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During the year I have been preparing  a lot of reports on Credit Unions and  possible Transfer of Engagements.  Many of the Credit Unions that I have had the pleasure of visiting around the country have been upgraded over the last 10 to 20 years. In many cases they are impressive offices built to service the needs of their members and provide a comfortable […]

Central Bank Enquiry Panel

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Central Bank of Ireland   The Central Bank of Ireland has recently named the thirteen members of a new Enquiry Panel which is being set up to investigate allegedly rogue banks and bankers.  This will be a very highly powered panel of experienced professionals consisting of two retired judges, lawyers, a retired financial regulator from […]

Credit Union Regulations

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            NEW CREDIT UNION REGULATIONS A whole new sweeping set of regulations are due to hit the Credit Union Sector this year covering areas such as reserves, liquidity lending, investments, controls and reporting requirements.  It is proposed under the new rules that the maximum amount that anybody can save with […]

Credit Union Merger

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            Credit Unions to Merge or Not?   We act for many Credit Unions nationwide and there has been a lot of talk in the last few years regarding mergers.  There have already been a number of mergers between Credit Unions and more are expected.  Indeed, the government announced in […]

Credit Unions and Employees

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  Employee re-instatements It has been reported recently that the Employment Appeals Tribunal had made a decision against St. Coleman’s (Claremorris Credit Union) in relation to an employee that they had.  The Tribunal found that the employee had been unfairly dismissed.     In this case the Tribunal has decided that the employee should be re-instated with her employer.   […]

Legal Advice for Credit Unions

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            Regulator suggests Eircom credit union take legal advice The credit union regulator has advised the Eircom credit union to take legal advice about how it might obtain two Irish Stock Exchange reports detailing breaches of the exchange’s rules by Davy Stockbrokers in relation to the sale of certain bonds. […]

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