We provide legal advice to both employers and employees on all aspects of pensions arising from the employment relationship, including pension schemes and employee benefits. We provide advice on all Irish and European legislation relating to or affecting the employment relationship and pensions/benefits entitlements.

Employment Law Pensions and Benefits

We advise on pension’s law from both a consultative and compliance point of view, and we also advise on contentious legal issues. Many employers establish arrangements known as occupational pension schemes for their workforce. These are mainly written under trust and managed by trustees. We provide advice on the establishment of occupational pension schemes, both defined contribution and defined benefit and we deal with the legal issues arising from an employer and trustee perspective.

We also provide legal advice in relation to contractual arrangements known as Personal Retirement and Savings Plans (PRSA) or Retirement Annuity Contract (RAC).

Occupational Pension Schemes, PRSA’s and RAC’s qualify for generous tax benefits. Contributions payable may qualify for Tax Relief, the investment vehicles and gains generated by the vehicle are exempt from Tax and on drawdown of benefits taxation arises. Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP provide legal advice on all taxation matters arising in relation to pensions.

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