Severance Agreements

We provide legal advice to both employers and employees in relation to the Severance Agreements.

What are Severance Agreements?

A severance agreement specifies the terms of an employees termination, such as a layoff. In some cases, in the absence of another agreement or contract, the agreement entitles an employee to receive severance pay. A soon-to-be former employer may require an employee to sign a severance agreement to receive it. In a lot of cases signing the agreement will waive an employee’s right to sue their former employer.

Many employees quickly sign severance agreements without truly understanding that they have signed legally-binding contracts that waived some of their most significant employee rights. Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP provide advice to employees in relation to the legal aspects of severance agreements. In addition we provide advice to employers on the negotiation and drafting of severance agreements to avoid enforceability problems.

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