The introduction of divorce allows both parties to terminate their marital relationship and remarry having been granted a decree of divorce.

Before applying to Courts for a Divorce the following conditions must be met:

  • Each party to the relationship must have been living apart for a period of four years out of the previous five years.
  • There must be no reasonable prospect of reconciliation between the parties.
  • The courts must secure proper provision by way of maintenance, a property transfer order or a pension adjustment order.
  • Further conditions outlined under Irish law must be adhered to.

Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP provide advice on the complex issues that need to be addressed before a decree of divorce can be granted. These include:

  • The current and future financial situations of both spouses
  • Accommodation and property
  • Dependent children and their future needs and welfare
  • Succession rights
  • The behaviour of both parties
  • The parties mental and physical health

Application to the court
We can provide legal representation at both the Circuit Court and the High Court to hear applications for divorce.