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Capital Gains Tax Break

by admin

You may have missed this tax break in the last budget so here is an executive summary for those investors out there looking to dip their toes back in the property market. And by the way I personally think this year presents an excellent time to invest with or without the tax break. We can […]

Rights of Way Conveyancing Solicitors Dublin and Cork

by admin

            If you have a Right of Way or Easement you have now until the 30th of November 2021 to register it with the Property Registration Authority. Until the Law Society made representations the deadline was the 30th of November 2012 for such Rights of Way or Prescriptive Easements. A […]

Conveyancing Solicitors and Legal Searches

by admin

            Part of what a Conveyancing Solicitor does when buying property is carry out closing searches on the property in question. You might be wondering about the cost of this and what it is for when you are getting quotes from a Conveyancing Solicitor. Conveyancing Solicitors Effectively, your Conveyancing Solicitor […]

€5bn plan ‘can save 40k building jobs’

by admin

IRELAND could avoid the loss of 40,000 construction jobs this year by building roads, schools and hospitals with a proposed €5bn Government stimulus package. Ken Cribben, president of the Society of Chartered Surveyors (SCS), told attendees at the society’s annual dinner in Dublin last night that thousands more jobs are in immediate danger. The society […]

Cork Property Investor facing house repossessions

by admin

            The High Court has allowed Bank of Ireland repossess seven properties belonging to a Cork property investor to help pay back a EUR 2.2m loan. The properties were all security for the loan taken out with the bank in January, 2007. Bank of Ireland told the court yesterday that […]

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