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Remortgage – KBC and Ulster Bank

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Do I Need to Remortgage? So KBC and Ulster Bank are leaving the Irish market and you aren’t really sure whether you need to remortgage. Well you don’t have to do anything yet but if you can get a new mortgage with a different lender like Finance Ireland or AIB or Bank of Ireland then […]

Tracker Mortgage Claims and Compensation

by perpetualadm

We have many cases winding their way through the Redress process so it comes as no surprise to us today to read that the number in line for compensation is currently topping 40,500. That is coming with a potential liability to the Banks of something in the region of €700 million. Much like any other […]

Capital Gains Tax Break

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You may have missed this tax break in the last budget so here is an executive summary for those investors out there looking to dip their toes back in the property market. And by the way I personally think this year presents an excellent time to invest with or without the tax break. We can […]

Rights of Way Conveyancing

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            If you have a Right of Way or Easement you have now until the 30th of November 2021 to register it with the Property Registration Authority. Until the Law Society made representations the deadline was the 30th of November 2012 for such Rights of Way or Prescriptive Easements. A […]

Conveyancing Conflicts

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There seems to be some confusion amongst the wider public regarding the new Conveyancing Conflicts of Interest Regulation which will come into force on the 1 January 2013. Essentially the same Solicitor or firm of Conveyancing Solicitors will be prohibited from acting for both vendor and purchaser in a conveyancing transaction. The rationale behind this […]

Conveyancing Solicitors and Legal Searches

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            Part of what a Conveyancing Solicitor does when buying property is carry out closing searches on the property in question. You might be wondering about the cost of this and what it is for when you are getting quotes from a Conveyancing Solicitor. Conveyancing Solicitors Effectively, your Conveyancing Solicitor […]

Placing a Deposit on a House – Guide for First Time Buyers

by admin

It can be pretty daunting when you are setting out to buy your first home. There seems to be a never ending ream of steps and paperwork to follow to complete the deal when conveyacing begins. One of the very first steps is to place your booking deposit with the auctioneer. It makes sense in […]

Non Principal Private Residence – Problems and Penalties

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The Local Government (Charges) Act 2009 introduced a €200 annual charge on Non Principal Private Residences, payable by the owners to the Local Authority in whose area the property concerned is located. The Charge on Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) has, since its introduction, raised over €200 million in revenue for Local Authorities. The liability […]

Closing Dates in Conveyancing Transactions-Practical Property Advice

by admin

It’s always worth bearing in mind that you should treat the closing date as a “target date” to be reached by both parties to the transaction. It is not uncommon for things to go awry on that date. The purchaser doesn’t have cleared funds from his lending institution on the day. The Vendor is in […]

Low Cost Conveyancing – Can it be done?

by admin

We here at Healy O’Connor think it can be in certain cases. Any Law Firm when deciding on taking a new property transaction  is mindful of the exposure of an undertaking given to the Bank lending the finance to the Borrower. What does that mean? Well the solicitor undertakes on your behalf to make sure that […]

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