Category: Road Traffic Law

Road Traffic Accident Claims: What to do?

by perpetualadm

We all hope that we will never have to make a Road Traffic Accident Claim. These days however, there are more cars on the road then ever before and accidents do happen. If you have suffered as a result of another drivers negligence you may consider making a claim for Personal Injuries and/ or material […]

Potholes. Where do you stand? with RedFM and Victor Barry

by admin

  Just to recap some of the advice given on the show about potholes. This is in relation to getting your car damaged from driving into one. This is especially helpful before you decide to head off and sue the council. Strangely, there is no absolute duty on the council to fix the potholes that […]

Drink Driving: Limits, Penalty Points & Fines

by admin

We are now beginning to see the recent new laws relating to drunken driving taking having an effect on the ground. The Gardaíare using the new rules to fine drivers and give them penalty points in some cases. A summary of the new rules are listed below. THE REDUCTION in the alcohol limit can be […]

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