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Potholes. Where do you stand? with Red FM and Victor Barry

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  Just to recap some of the advice given on the show about potholes. This is in relation to getting your car damaged from driving into one. This is especially helpful before you decide to head off and sue the council. Strangely, there is no absolute duty on the council to fix the potholes that […]

Hospital records used in dangerous driving case.

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            A man who was almost twice the legal limit when he was involved in a crash killing two people was convicted of dangerous driving after his hospital records were allowed as evidence in the trial. The hospital records showed the alcohol level in his blood was almost twice the […]

Drink Driving Arrests Healy O’Connor Solicitors Cork and Dublin

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            It was reported in the Irish Times today that there has been a huge drop in the number of people caught drink driving from this time last year. It seems there is a cultural shift in our thinking surrounding our love of drinking and the car. Please note that […]

Drink driving

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An unusual defence was used in a drink driving case in Ireland recently. The “hip flask” defence was recently raised in a drink driving case before the District Court in Limerick. This is a very unusual defence. The defence is an interesting one as it is has been rarely used before in the District Court. This […]

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