Healy O'Connor


We provide comprehensive advice on the taxation aspects of transactions in relation to:

  • Revenue Audit or Investigations in relation to dealing with a revenue investigation or audit
  • Voluntary Disclosures in relation to protection when making a Voluntary Disclosure
  • Tax Settlements in relation to advising on, and negotiating tax settlements with Revenue
  • Criminal Prosecutions in relation to legal protection in cases of criminal prosecution
  • Tax Appeals in relation to advice on handling appeals to Appeal Commissioners from Revenue assessments
  • Tax Litigation in relation to challenges to Revenue in the Courts
  • Deceased Persons & Joint Property Owners Issues in relation to liability issues for estates of deceased persons, successors and joint property owners
  • Statutory Disclosure by advisers and their clients in relation to advice for Taxpayers and Advisers on the requirements to make statutory disclosures under non-tax legislation

For more information, please contact info@hoc.ie or freephone 1800 54 54 54.