Healy O'Connor

Buying or selling your home

Conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another which involves the exchange of contracts and title before completion. At Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP, we provide a premium conveyancing service at a very competitive price.


Buying or selling your home services

Legal help during the buying and selling property process

Conveyancing is a complex process and unforeseen issues can often arise along the way. Our objective is to get the job done as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible and we have consistently delivered on all these objectives to previous clients. We provide low cost solutions without compromising on quality. Buying your first home is stressful and we recognise that.

Planning agreements & Permission legal advice

We can advise on planning issues that may arise in the purchase of a Property, and in particular we have experience in dealing with:

  • Planning applications
  • Liaising with the local council on your behalf
  • Environmental issues such as waste management, environmental warranties and licensing