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Credit Unions

Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP are the forefront of advising the Credit Union movement on all matters relating to Credit Unions. 

Credit Unions services

Navigating Credit Unions

Our team recognises that debt recovery and debt management is critical now more than ever and advises on debt, litigation and recovery in the District Court, Circuit Court, High Court and Commercial Court.

Our experienced team is aware that corporate compliance and governance is now a critical area for Credit Unions which is impacting on their loan book provision under S35 of the regulatory requirements for Credit Unions. We advise Credit Unions in relation to their dealings with the Irish League of Credit Unions and the Regulator.

We also provide employment advice to Credit Unions and provide them with Employment Contracts and HR Policies. We have acted and Chaired Disciplinary Meetings of Credit Union Employees.

Commercial property finance

At Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP, we recognise the importance of property and its income generated as Banking Security. We provide legal and regulatory advice to businesses and finance transactions in dealing with legal and regulatory issues on secured and unsecured credit facilities, development and property finance, project finance, Guarantees and other structured finance transactions.

If you would like advice on any property finance legal issue, please get in touch today.