Healy O'Connor

Corporate Compliance and Governance

In today’s challenging economic times, we have seen many businesspeople make serious mistakes and, they are now faced with paying the price. Regulation and compliance is an increasing feature in many sectors, and failure to meet regulatory requirements can, in some cases, have serious consequences for a company, its directors and employees, and its reputation.

The business model of today is built on transparency, meaning that there can be no more secrets. These new measures require that officers and directors of private limited companies adhere to complex Companies Act provisions, primarily based on disclosure.

Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP has experience in providing expert advice to Financial Institutions and the Credit Union Sector on compliance and regulatory issues affecting them under Irish Company Law.

These include company secretarial services:

  • Advice on all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Advice to company directors on their duties and obligations
  • Advice on corporate governance issues relevant to the particular company
  • We will take all the necessary steps to make the best possible decisions, and that our clients are provided with a proper defense when faced with scrutiny.

If you would like advice on any compliance or regulatory issue, please freephone 1800 54 54 54 or email info@hoc.ie

All queries will be dealt with in strict confidence.