Healy O'Connor

District, Circuit and High Court Debt Collection

We provide court representation in all courts, from the District Court to the High Court depending on the amount of debt being recovered.


The District Court

Debts up to €6,348
There are approximately 220 District Courts throughout the country, which are administered by 44 Court Offices


The Circuit Court

Debts between €6,348 and €38,092
There are 28 Circuit Courts throughout the country, each administered by its own Court Office


The High Court

Debts over €38,092
There is one High Court located at the Four Courts in Dublin.

While proceedings are commenced and Judgement sought in the appropriate court depending on the amount of the debt, Enforcement proceedings brought with a view to obtaining an Instalment Order are always taken in the debtor’s local District Court irrespective of the amount of the debt.
Further information on the Courts System may be obtained from the Courts Service website (www.courts.ie)


For more information, please contact us at info@hoc.ie or by freephone 1800 54 54 54.