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Work Related Stress Injury Claims

An employer has a duty to look after the Health, Safety and Welfare of their employees and this includes the reasonable prevention of work related stress injuries in the workplace. Every employer must take reasonable and practicable steps to prevent employees from exposure to stress and from the consequence of unreasonable stressful working conditions. If the employer is on notice that a particular employee is exposed to stress in the workplace, and fails to act decisively then they could be liable if their employee suffers from a stress related work injury. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) defines workplace stress as arising ‘when the demands of the job and the working environment on a person exceeds their capacity to meet them’.

The following situations can lead to stress in the workplace:

  • Poor communication at work
  • Poor working relationships
  • Poorly organised shift work
  • Faulty work organisation
  • Ill defined work roles
  • Lack of personal control over work
  • Machine-paced work
  • Highly demanding tasks

Work Related Stress Solicitors

Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP provide legal advice on work related stress claims and we have considerable experience in successfully handling work related stress claims. If you have experienced stress during the course of your employment, then you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact our Employment Law Specialist today on 1800 54 54 54 or email us at info@hoc.ie to discuss the legal remedies available.

How much is my injury claim worth?

It depend on many factors. We find Insurance companies will seek to settle your claim earlier than may be optimal for you. After all depending on the injury suffered it can time for your Injuries to settle down. 

Please get in touch to discuss the legal remedies available.