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Advanced Bionics HiRes Ultra / Ultra 3D Cochlear Implant Recall

Cochlear Implant Recall

Advanced Bionics voluntarily initiated a removal from the market of the initial version of the HiRes Ultra / Ultra 3D cochlear implants on February 18th 2020.

Advanced Bionics advised implant recipients that some recipients had experienced prolonged hearing degradation. This was due to a physiological fluid entering into the electrode and causing interruption of stimulation that negatively affected device performance.

Implant recipients were advised to contact their audiology clinic for assessment and reprogramming if any decrease in hearing performance was noted .

It was also noted that revision surgery might be necessary if reprogramming was unsuccessful.

Advanced Bionics have stated that they will provide a replacement device free of charge if revision surgery is necessary.

We have of a number of clients who received recall notices from Advanced Bionics and whose devices when tested failed and they required urgent revision surgery.

If you have been affected by hearing degradation or loss of audibility particularly at high frequencies in your implant and you have received a recall letter from Advanced Bionics, please contact us to discuss whether you have a potential claim.

Please contact our Solicitor Jenny Fitzgibbon at our Cork Office by email jenny@hoc.ie or telephone 021-4272882

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