Healy O'Connor

The Upsides of Examinership – And Why We All Can’t Do It

  I wish I could go back to 2005. It was a rocking time to be in Ireland. It really was. What with all the foreign holidays, the champagne flowing like Ballygowan, the endless credit. It seemed like nothing could ever go wrong. I‘m not the only one who would like a bit of time […]

The Case of McCambridge -v- Brennan Loaf

It’s not that you hate shopping or anything. It’s certainly better than hanging out the washing, for instance. You remember you are both trying to be healthy this week so you try to avoid the aroma of fresh baguettes and reach instead for a whole-wheat breaded product by McCambridge. You then buy some crisps which […]

Play it by Staff Handbook to Avoid Facing a Lawsuit

  The best bit of business advice I ever received was if you are ever in doubt about something, trust your instincts. You can always convince yourself that this time it is different or this person isn’t as bad as you originally thought. I talk to business people every day who tell me if only […]