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Change of Name by Deed Poll – Red FM with Victor Barry

Just to recap the advice on how to change your name by deed poll I gave on Victors Show this morning:

1. If not using a solicitor get the deed paper (Judicature) in a legal stationers first.

2. Then go to Judgments Section of the Central Office of the High Court (in the Four Courts in Dublin)

3. They will give you the examples (precedents) of Deed polls and help you.

4. You then need an Affidavit of Attesting Witness (someone who will swear that you filled out the Deed Poll Correctly)

5. Go back to the Central Office and they will show you where to pay the stamp duty (32 euros).

6. Then take the Deed Poll, the Affidavit and your Original Birth Certificate and lodge it by hand back at the Central Office.

7. If all in order it will be accepted and issued in 3 weeks.

So remember this all has to be done by hand. It’s tricky but you can do it!

Shane Healy, Healy O’Connor, Solicitors Cork and Dublin.

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