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Help- I have been accused of stealing from a Shop!

There is nothing worse than being accused of something you didn’t do! For many reasons it can happen. We have had countless claims now for people who have been accused of shoplifting by misguided security staff. And it can happen in your local store where you go almost daily and you are known to the Public.

We recently successfully settled a claim for Defamation for a client who was accused of stealing items in a shop. Very serious accusations were made against our client in full view of members of the public. The accusations were totally unfounded and our client was a minor. After suing the owner of the shop and the security we secured substantial compensation for our client and compromised the claim.

In another case we had a client who was followed out of the store by shop workers and defamed in another shop entirely separate to the one our client left!

If you feel you have been defamed we are waiting to help you.

By Litigation Department at Healy O’Connor Solicitors

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