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We are acting for an increasing number of First Time Buyers in the moribund property market and seeing them pick up some great bargains. Its always a pleasure guiding a young couple through their first purchase and we are always mindful of the stress that is involved. Here are our top tips for keeping the process as stress free as possible:

1. Any closing date should be treated by you as a “target” date. Things can and do go wrong on the day.  A loan cheque may not issue on time.

2. Try and take care of those ” non-legal” items as soon as possible i.e. if you have to see a doctor for a life policy don’t wait around.

3. Beware of the old legal principle  “Caveat Emptor” which means Buyer Beware! Most people today are buying second hand houses. You must know what it is you are buying.

4. Planning and Condition of the Property. Get your Engineer’s opinion as soon as you can. And get this to your solicitor. Depending on the state of the property you may be able to negotiate a further deduction.

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