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Remortgage – KBC and Ulster Bank

Do I Need to Remortgage?

So KBC and Ulster Bank are leaving the Irish market and you aren’t really sure whether you need to remortgage. Well you don’t have to do anything yet but if you can get a new mortgage with a different lender like Finance Ireland or AIB or Bank of Ireland then you need your solicitor to take care of the Legal side. Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!

We simply get you to sign an authority to take up your deeds from KBC or Ulster Bank – this can take awhile so get cracking on that. All we need is your KBC or Ulster Bank account number to draft the Authority.

In the meantime your new Loan pack should be on its way to us. When we have this and your deeds and we are happy everything is in order with your Title we can meet with you to sign the new mortgage documents.

We need to know the amount of your old loan and once we can satisfy the new Bank we will get your funds to clear your old loan and Bobs your uncle you are done!

The only bits you have to take care of are the “non-legal” bits: the Life Policy, the building insurance with new bank  noted on the policy and your direct debit mandate.

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