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Bankruptcy and Divorce

                An interesting case is currently before the English High Court in relation to Divorce and the payment of maintenance in the context of bankruptcy. A High Court Judge in the case has warned that divorcing partners could avoid paying maintenance if Alexander McRoberts wins a legal test […]

Divorce without Judges?

            Recent news from France is that the country is considering a plan to allow divorces to take place without a Judge. This will simplify a process, allowing for people who mutually wish to divorce to basically complete the process themselves. According to the Social Affairs Minister in France, the […]

Germany and Ireland and Divorce-How do they compare?

reasons for divorce in germany

The Myth of Immediate Divorce in Germany   “We don’t communicate anymore” “He had an affair.” “She got fat.” “I don’t want to hide the bruises anymore.” Over time, a lot of curious cases have taken place in Germany: In Munich a man insisted that his wife spend every night with him in a hammock. […]

How Matrimonial Assets Are Divided In Divorce

Splitting assets on divorce

Splitting Assets in a Divorce Divorce in most cases is never a happy process and can be a frustrating and challenging journey. Arriving at this life altering decision is never an easy choice but there are steps that can be taken to ease the pressure, especially when it comes to assets and property. Even if […]