Healy O'Connor

Ghost Estates

Developers and bankers have been urged yesterday to “do the right” thing in relation to unfinished housing estates. Minister of State for Housing Willie Penrose said legislation to give local authorities power to take over “ghost estates” could form part of a solution to the problem. He was examining the Derelict Sites Act 1990 with […]

Property Boom Bust Boom?

I read with interest yesterday that there have been fewer house builds completed in Ireland since 1970, 10,500 last year. At the height of the boom we were building 90,000 houses a year! I have been urging my clients to hang onto their houses where they can and especially with the new debt relief provisions […]

Closing Dates in Conveyancing Transactions-Practical Property Advice

It’s always worth bearing in mind that you should treat the closing date as a “target date” to be reached by both parties to the transaction. It is not uncommon for things to go awry on that date. The purchaser doesn’t have cleared funds from his lending institution on the day. The Vendor is in […]