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EBS Boosts Affordable Home Share

    THE EBS Building Society increased its affordable home share in the market from 40 per cent at the start of 2009 to 46 per cent this year, having provided 1,100 loans to first-time buyers under the scheme last year. EBS now hold the biggest share in the affordable housing sector, having provided in […]

Sunday Business Post feature for Healy O’Connor Solicitors

Putting the words ‘corporate recovery’ and ‘solicitors’ in the same sentence will generally conjure up images of examinership and, perhaps, enforcement. But, just as businesspeople will turn to their accountants or financial advisers when the numbers start to look precarious, they should also talk to their legal advisors to draw on solicitor’s wealth of knowledge. […]

Irish Times Feature for Healy O’Connor Solicitors

Thanks for everyone coming back to us regarding our feature in the Irish Times on the 14th of January last. It is always nice to get recognition from such a venerable Institution! https://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/magazine/2012/0114/1224310171916.ht

Guardianship for Fathers in Ireland

Guardianship concerns a number of rights and responsibilities that automatically vest in the parents of a child born within marriage and in the mother of a child born outside marriage. These rights and responsibilities are in relation to the upbringing of that child. A guardian of a child has the right and the responsibility to […]

Germany and Ireland and Divorce-How do they compare?

reasons for divorce in germany

The Myth of Immediate Divorce in Germany   “We don’t communicate anymore” “He had an affair.” “She got fat.” “I don’t want to hide the bruises anymore.” Over time, a lot of curious cases have taken place in Germany: In Munich a man insisted that his wife spend every night with him in a hammock. […]

COVID – 19 HOC Update

During this difficult time for all we wish to assure our client’s that so far as it’s possible, it’s business as usual at Healy O’Connor Solicitors LLP. We remain committed to delivering the best possible service to new and existing clients during this time. In line with Government guidance our office remains open for essential […]