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Time Limits for Personal Injury Claims








Please remember that you have two years from the date of the accident to take your claim. It is very important that you know the actual date of your accident. As Personal Injuries Solicitors we are always  surprised by the amount of claimants who injure themselves at work or wherever and if the accident hasn’t been reported they have no clear date of the accident. We live in an age where most people dont keep diaries but nevertheless you should record the date of your injury somewhere. Many claimants may have no desire to begin a claim for damages arising out of a personal injury when the accident first happens. In many cases for a wide variety of reasons it can be a year later before they see us looking for redress. A year has passed and you aren’t clear on the date of the accident. This is not a good starting point! Remember it is a critical date for the PIAB form and can make taking a case that much harder. Do yourself a favour and write the date of the accident down somewhere!

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