Healy O'Connor

Placing a Deposit on a House – Guide for First Time Buyers

It can be pretty daunting when you are setting out to buy your first home. There seems to be a never ending ream of steps and paperwork to follow to complete the deal when conveyacing begins. One of the very first steps is to place your booking deposit with the auctioneer. It makes sense in […]

Payment Protection Insurance

            It is patently unfair that consumers of financial products are being denied justice in this country. It is difficult to find out the amount of financial products that were sold prior to 2007 but my guess is that it exceeds the period post 2007-2008. This means that most purchasers […]

Personal Injury and Wedge Fracture Injuries

            We are currently dealing with a number of personal injuries cases involving wedge fracture injuries. This type of Personal injury is a serious one and can happen in a car crash or in a serious fall. Due to the unpredictable nature of the personal injury it is very difficult to […]