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Back Injury At Work Compensation Claims

Back Injury at Work Compensation

Although back pain caused by an injury at work is one of the most common causes of sickness absence and lost work performance and a major factor in injury compensation claims, it is believed that many workers are reluctant to seek redress for their suffering even though it was not their fault.

It is not known why there is this reluctance, but some employees may fear repercussions or even feel sorry for their bosses particularly if large sums of money are involved. If this is the case it should be remembered that by law all employers have to have insurance which covers these eventualities.

Back injuries come in many different forms and can cause chronic and debilitating pain long into the future which is why it is so important to consider your options if you’ve been affected.

Common incidents that are seen in the workplace include slips trips and falls, lifting and moving objects and items falling from height however this is not exhaustive and regardless of the source, it is crucial to log any incidents using the company protocol and to contact your medical practitioner at the earliest opportunity.

If the incident was witnessed by a co-worker it’s also important to gather any relevant information from them as this could bolster your side of the version of events. Any witness that comes forward can be safe in the knowledge that by law they can not be penalised for assisting with an incident.

Can I Make A Back Injury At Work Claim?

Because back injury is so common it is hardly surprising that there is a wide range of legislation in place to try and reduce and prevent workers from experiencing these problems.

Although the regulations are wide ranging, they almost all place the responsibility firmly on employers to protect their workers from avoidable injuries. As an employee you should therefore have confidence that you are being protected from injuring your back or indeed any other injury while at work.

If proper protection and training is not provided and you are injured then you should be able to make a back injury at work claim for compensation from your employer. In Ireland, the obligations that companies, whatever their size, have towards providing a safe working environment are contained in the Safety, Health and Welfare at work regulations.

There is a tendency for many companies to rely too much on training as a means of reducing the risk of injuries to employees and as a defence against compensation claims. This is not enough and ignores other contributory factors such as inadequate and unsafe lifting equipment. This point is reinforced in Irish health and safety law which insists that employers should do more than just provide training in safe manual handling practices.

Making a claim for compensation where you, through no fault of your own, suffer injury is a legal right but one which can be complicated due to the vast amount of legislation involved.

This is where we can help. We have team members who have the experience to help you claim what you deserve. Contact us and let us review the evidence. We will give you our honest opinion on how you should proceed.

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