Healy O'Connor

250,000 Mortgage Holders Face Hike

As many as 250,000 homeowners on standard variable loans may soon be forced to pay out at least an extra €76.50 per month on mortgage repayments. Sources believe banks will move quickly to hike interest rates on standard variable mortgages as soon as NAMA is up and running. Some of the country’s biggest lenders said […]

Banks ‘Helping 30,000 Mortgage Holders’

As many as 30,000 mortgage holders are being facilitated by the banks due to their difficulties in meeting their monthly repayments, according to the Irish Banking Federation. Banks are working with their customers to help them though the current difficult period that has resulted in over-lending by the banks and over-borrowing by some of their […]

Debt to be ‘Priority’ for Noonan

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan has said the Government intends to make the problem of mortgage debts “a priority”. A report by a group of civil servants and bank representatives on the issue is to be published at the end of next month. The group, which includes officials from the Departments of Finance, Social Protection […]

Tracker Mortgages Time Limits

Please note there is a time limit on this – as with most things! You have 12 months from the date your redress and compensation offer was received to appeal. You need to get in touch with a solicitor if you believe the compensation package on offer is not adequate.

Remortgage – KBC and Ulster Bank

Do I Need to Remortgage? So KBC and Ulster Bank are leaving the Irish market and you aren’t really sure whether you need to remortgage. Well you don’t have to do anything yet but if you can get a new mortgage with a different lender like Finance Ireland or AIB or Bank of Ireland then […]