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Abortion Law

THE COMMISSIONER for human rights at the Council of Europe has told the Government it should have “more guts” and legislate to clarify the circumstances when women can have an abortion. Thomas Hammarberg has also accused the Government of ignoring almost all of the recommendations the Council of Europe made in a damning report on […]

The Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2011

LEGISLATION GIVING statutory backing to key provisions of last month’s jobs initiative has been published. The Social Welfare and Pensions Bill 2011 also provides for changes to the social welfare code in the pensions area and elsewhere. The Bill, which was published yesterday by the Department of Social Protection, will also put some of the […]

Solicitor Wins Appeal on Mahon Refusal

A solicitor has won his Supreme Court challenge to the Mahon planning tribunal’s refusal to hear submissions from him before proceeding to inquire into land deals in Co Dublin in which he was allegedly involved with former Fianna Fáil TD Liam Lawlor and businessman Jim Kennedy. The three-judge Supreme Court ruled that the tribunal should […]

Music Fan Settles High Court Injuries Claim

A fan of Oasis recently brought a case in the High Court for damages after claiming he was injured while in a queue for drinks at the a concert in Slane. The applicant claimed his ankle was fractured when he was pushed against a barrier during a crush. Both the promoter and the organisers of […]

Irish Independent Business Brain Article Re Employment Law Generally

Here is the Link to Thursday’s article in the Business Section of the Irish Independent: https://www.independent.ie/business/play-it-by-staff-handbook-to-avoid-facing-a-lawsuit-3072049.html Thanks for all your kind comments! Shane Healy, Employment Law Solicitor, Healy O’Connor Solicitors Cork

Spanish Law and Irish Law : A comparative

Many people in Spain influenced by the big screen, especially by the Irish film In the name of the father, have a preconceived idea about Irish Law and they think that the only differences between both legal systems are restricted to the barristers wears wigs and gowns during the court proceedings and that the witnesses […]

Aer Lingus Pilot Awarded Over Defamatory Claims Made by the Irish Aviation Authority

  An Aer Lingus Pilot has been awarded €202,500 after defamatory and false emails were made about him by the Irish Aviation Authority. The Judge said the background to the appeal arose from emails sent in 2013 by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA). They insinuated that Captain Higgins had flown a microlight aircraft unauthorised and […]

Irishman Severely Disabled in Malta Accident Wins Settlement

  Irishman from Youghal in Cork, was hit by a car as he crossed the road in April 2019, just hours after he had arrived in Malta. He suffered multiple fractures and a severe brain injury and remains in hospital to this day. He requires 24-hour medical care. Cooley subsequently sued the driver’s insurance company […]

Miriam O’Callaghan Settles Defamation Action Against Facebook

    Facebook has apologised to broadcaster Miriam O’Callaghan over fake ads that used her name and image without permission. The Prime Time Broadcaster received an apology as part of the settlement of her High Court action. In the settlement agreement, Meta Platforms Ireland (formerly known as Facebook Ireland) have agreed to establish an additional […]