Healy O'Connor

RedFM Victor Barry Cork Talks Back The Household Charge

Just in relation to the advice given on Victor’s show this morning regarding the household charge:  If you don’t pay by the deadline you will incur interest charges of one percent per month. There will be surcharges on top of this i.e. 10 to 30 % depending on when you pay. You wont be able […]

Change of Name by Deed Poll – Red FM with Victor Barry

Just to recap the advice on how to change your name by deed poll I gave on Victors Show this morning: 1. If not using a solicitor get the deed paper (Judicature) in a legal stationers first. 2. Then go to Judgments Section of the Central Office of the High Court (in the Four Courts in […]

Dishing the Dirt and Defamation – RedFM with Victor Barry

Just to recap some advice given on the show this morning where you want to sue someone slagging your ex off or something else along those lines. First thing to remember is Tort and Slander are gone and we just have the tort of Defamation now under the Defamation Act 2009. There are 2 big […]