Healy O'Connor

RedFM – Victor Barry Cork Talks Back – Employment Advice

Just in relation to the advice I gave on Victor Barry’s Cork Talks Back show on Wednesday remember: You have six months within which to lodge your complaint Every case is different We can claim from the insolvency fund should you be awarded against an Insolvent Company You are only legally entitled to Statutory Redundancy, not […]

Employment Law Unfair Dismissal and Redundancies

This comes up time and time again. You are called into your bosses office and told due to the downturn you are being made redundant. Thing is you told your boss only recently about a major issue you were having at work and the next thing you know you are being let go? Something not […]

Employment Law Handbooks

An Employment Law Handbook sets out the policies and procedures for a company in the event of a dispute between an Employer and an Employee. They are a useful tool for a company when defending a claim against them. Conversely an Employee should make themselves aware of the company’s Employment policies and not just blithely […]

Play it by Staff Handbook to Avoid Facing a Lawsuit

  The best bit of business advice I ever received was if you are ever in doubt about something, trust your instincts. You can always convince yourself that this time it is different or this person isn’t as bad as you originally thought. I talk to business people every day who tell me if only […]