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Cosmetic Surgery Claims

We are increasingly being instructed in relation to cosmetic surgery claims or  “medical misadventures” to put it nicely. Of course, it’s not so nice when cosmetic surgery goes wrong. Unfortunately,  botulinum toxin containing products (Botox) and dermal fillers can lead to pain, swelling, infection and inflammation, rash, blurred vision, haematoma and “pins and needles”. We […]

Medical Negligence – Things you need to know before you start a Claim

How to start a medical negligence claim?

Numerous medical negligence claims can end with a positive outcome, however, it is essential to remember that there are several things that each person needs to know before the case can even begin. How to start a medical negligence claim then? Let’s find out. Is there a time limit to make a Medical Negligence Claim? […]

Woman who sued Hospital over her Birth Settles for €850,000

  A woman with cerebral palsy who sued over the circumstances of her birth has settled a High Court action for €850,000. The settlement against the HSE is without an admission of liability. Approving the settlement, the Judge noted the exceptional care Paula’s family had given her throughout her life. “They have made an excellent […]